Writing Paper For Letters

“I have seen a significant trend toward new stationery companies being started by entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s, often women,” said Aaron Hazard, director of sales at the National Stationery Show.“There is a very strong, vocal, and engaged group of people in this age range who are getting back to the basics of paper and then reinventing what can be done with the medium.” Though there is no hard data available, industry leaders said millennials also are purchasing more greeting cards.Formed in 2007, the alliance boasts 15,000 members and is growing.

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I have worked through many issues by taking the time to share them with a pen pal.

It is therapeutic that way.” Handwritten correspondence is a patient, meaningful way to keep in touch, Vu added.

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Member Jo Bozarth, 37, said she’s been writing to her pen pal in Pittsburgh since she was 12 years old.

They met through a classified ad in a teen magazine.She wrote to her college boyfriend off and on for 20 years, even after he moved to his native Philippines for a brief period.The two eventually married, and her husband is now also a member of the club. “Letters can even smell like the person sending them.” The LA Pen Pal Club, one of more than an estimated two dozen similar clubs nationwide, made its premiere at Paper Pastries in 2015.“Millennials purchase more greeting cards than any other generation,” said Peter Doherty, executive director for the Greeting Card Association. We’ve come to the conclusion that millennials and Gen Y are looking for a more meaningful experience.We see that people are looking for something real, something lasting that can be personalized.” As for the popularity of writing to pen pals, that too has endured and is even gaining in popularity, said Kathy Zadrozny and Donovan Beeson, founders of the Chicago-based Letter Writers Alliance, an organization dedicated to preserving the cultural tradition of letter writing.Kids can color and wear their crowns around the classroom.In the back room of a Los Angeles area stationery store, where handmade rubber stamps and intricate notecards line walls and shelves, more than a dozen people let pen and ink flow over fancy paper and envelopes. ” one member writes in a classic, almost calligraphy-style penmanship. “I think people still get really excited about getting something in the mail,” said Chris Go, 50, a member of the group.Bozarth said it has never occurred to her to contact her pen pal via Facebook or other social media.Though the 140-year-old greeting card industry last had its heyday in the 1980s, sales are steady.Hosts Margaret Haas and Victoria Vu don’t arrange pen pals for people, but rather provide a friendly, social space for letter-writing enthusiasts to be in the company of others who share their interest.Haas, 33, owns Paper Pastries and had gotten the idea for the club while hosting a similar gathering at a gift shop where she worked. In addition to selling paper products, Haas also makes rubber stamps in-house with witty sayings and themes.


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