What Did The Theses Promise

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This power extends to this life as well as the next (i.e., purgatory).

This power extends to this life as well as the next (i.e., purgatory).

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Specifically, the papacy was interested in selling indulgences at this time as a way of paying for the construction of St. Although indulgences were not sold in Saxony, many people in Wittenberg traveled to the nearby regions and purchased them.

In the 95 Theses, Luther’s response to indulgences was several fold.

First, it must be understood that at this point Luther’s teaching on justification was not completely developed and so at first he did not reject the very idea of indulgences, as he later would.

Instead, Luther argued that the Latin Bible (also called the Vulgate translation) had improperly translated Matthew 3:2: “, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” According to Luther’s interpretation, Jesus did not mean that people were obliged to perform penance.

Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that the sinner is free from eternal punishment, he is still subject to temporal punishment.

Temporal punishment is simply the temporary suffering that all sin merits irrespective to forgiveness.

Petrograd Soviet of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies.

The Socialists who dominated the Soviet interpreted the February Revolution as a bourgeois revolution and considered it appropriate for the bourgeoisie to hold power.


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