Value Of Time Essay In Life

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What is the most valuable resource in the universe?Jonathan Edwards would answer that question with, “time.” Time is the most precious resource in the universe.

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And if, as Christians, we do not maximize the hours we are given for God’s glory, we forfeit opportunities to honor our savior and obtain heavenly reward in accordance with our labors.

In macroeconomics what is it that drives prices in the market? Those resources which are a plentiful drop in price, while those which are scarce are deemed more valuable.

But Christian productivity concerns itself not just with the how of productivity but the what and the why.

So here we have Jonathan Edwards offering us some truly Christian productivity advice.

Using time wisely allows a person to complete tasks in an allotted time period, take on additional work, or spend more time with family.

There are many things in an office environment that prevent effective time use.

Interruptions are time-wasters, especially since items one may consider urgent are not necessarily important (Payne & Payne 25).

There is no way to preplan the time and duration of an interruption, which may cause a loss of train-of-thought, difficulty concentrating, or complete memory lapse.

It is a budgeting process of effectively using the time you have and getting rid of "useless" time.

Organizing your activities in a sequence that best utilizes your time.


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