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Wright was perhaps justified in her retaliation against her husband. Nevertheless, the play leaves open the question of whether Mrs.

Wright was perhaps justified in her retaliation against her husband. Nevertheless, the play leaves open the question of whether Mrs.Appropriately, the name of the short story adapted from , the men believe that they grant female identity by virtue of the women's relation to men rather than through their inherent qualities as females. Wright will still be convicted without the evidence, and similarly we must decide for ourselves if revenge is a sufficient motive for murder.

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In the end, loneliness connects the women and brings them closer to each other. Wright is an unknown quantity whose behavior in Lewis Hale's account is puzzling and bizarre.

By the conclusion of the play, however, the substance of her personality and life has been revealed through Mrs. Hale come to realize the similarities between the murderer and themselves, they decide that Minnie Wright is worthy of their protection, which has several meanings for the women.

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This is a one-act play that revolves around investigations into the murder of a farmer named John Wright. Minnie Wright is being held in custody as a suspect. Henry Peters) and the prosecutor (George Henderson) are leading the investigation. Hale, the neighbor who first discovered the murder, to try and look for clues. How she did change.” The women find the cage where the canary used to be kept, rather symbolic of Minnie’s marital years as Mrs. The two women notice the door to the cage had been broken, and when they find the dead bird with its neck wrung, they conclude that Mr. The play is about a murder investigation and it turns out all the clues are in the “trifles” which the male investigators ignore. The setting of the play in the kitchen reflects the position of women in the society at that time. Wright asks to be brought for her apron in jail, and Mrs.

Peters who are not really expected to contribute in any way to the investigation. Hale says that Minnie “used to sing real pretty herself.” More to the point, she says further that “she was kind of like a bird herself, real sweet and pretty, but kind of timid and- fluttery. Hale says; “Wright wouldn’t like the bird- a thing that sang. There are also other aspects of symbolism used in the play. It represents the little things that the women are worried about.

Wright do not actually appear in the play but we learn about them from the other characters especially the two women when left on their own. We never get to meet Minnie Wright but the canary perfectly represents her life in this story. Hale says this of her before she was married – “She used to wear pretty clothes and be lively, when she was Minnie Foster, one of the town girls singing in the choir.” In comparison to the canary Mrs. Wright “killed” the lively spirit of Minnie Foster due to his mistreatment of her in the marriage.

Wright's lack of children and other friends, and Mrs.

Peters' account of her solitude while homesteading in Dakota suggests that loneliness is an important element of the female and human condition. Hale realizes that woman have all experienced loneliness in part because they do not realize their commonality and thus have not learned to unify and support each other.

Women had started to realize they were oppressed and it was up to them to speak out for their welfare. In the play we see the men trivialize the women’s concerns in typical chauvinistic approach to things.

The women are too timid to speak out their minds freely, but we see them bonding and joining forces to protect their own.


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