Tourism Essay

Tourism like any other industry has its own ethics that every player should observe.

Whether it is domestic or foreign tourism there is a cogent need to practice ethics.

It is an exciting experience to learn the different customs and way of doing things of the different countries.

Listening and asking questions facilitates a good visit since it is a learning experience and one should not expect any special treatment because it would be uncalled for.

Secondly, tourism has a positive impact on economy such as an increase of business and employment.

Tourism Essay

The development of tourism plays a vital role in forming multicultural diversity with respect and equality is equally distributed.Culture and custom’s behavior are inseparable because culture not only dictates how we behave, it also assists determination of conditions and circumstances under which the different behaviors happen; it helps to illustrate and anticipate behavior.In this approach, cultural manner and behavior largely depend on the diversification of culture, which is why the function of tourism may prompt the progression of multiethnic interaction.It can also preserve traditional ways and goods because tourists are fascinated in and voluntary to buy them.Tourism may also help keep native culture alive through festivals staged for visitors. Tourism has preserved some conventional ways and goods because tourists are interested and willing to purchase them; festivals performed for tourists keeping local cultures alive, which covered 43.1% and 49.0% of respondents to agree with it (Mathieson, Butler & Gawler Vistor Information Centre Australia cited in Mhizha, Mandebvu & Muzondo, 2012 p.12).From this evidence, it can be seen that tourism does make an advantageous impact on culture, which can enhance cultural exchanges between tourists and local citizens that fosters better comprehension between the two groups.Some of these codes of ethics include: When visiting places, one is expected to be humble and conscious about other peoples' cultures, religious orientations, and feelings among to avoid patronage and undue treatment which may end up hurting both the tourist and the citizens of the host country.It calls for tourists to listen and observe keenly, don't just to be there to see and hear.Research by Alick (2012, p.5) indicates that tourism may facilitate attempts to keep culture and traditions alive; also it is known for enhancing peace and social harmony and fostering communities and preservation and promotion of local culture, traditions and broad mindedness.In Victoria Fall, for example, in the finding of the study by percentage and descriptive statistics, there are 28.2% of respondents strongly agree and 48.5% of respondents agree that cultural exchanges between natives and tourists promote better understanding between the two groups.


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