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His three voyages between 14 opened an ocean route for trade between Europe and Asia; his three landings on the east coast of Africa in 1498, the first by a European, furthered the Portuguese goal of using Africans as a source of labor. Although he left the United States for political reasons, he remained (and still does nearly fi fty years after his death) an infl uential presence. Equiano fought for the abolitionist cause from 1789 until his death in 1797. Fur trading played an important economic role in Russia, Alaska, and North America by opening up the frontiers to settlers in the early 1500s.His voyages led Portugal to dictate the terms of trade in the Indian Ocean and to enslave Africans for shipment to plantations first in the Mediterranean and islands off the African coast, then around the globe. Native Americans exchanged furs for goods like fi rearms, blankets, and liquor with early European fi sherman and settlers, and later with trading companies that sold the furs to luxury clothing manufacturers or to felting industries that made hats. The Argentine-born revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara is renowned worldwide for his commitment to international social justice during the mid-twentieth century. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), also called the Church of Jesus Christ, is the fi fth-largest Christian denomination in the United States.

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History’s portrayal of Christopher Columbus, which varies from hero to destroyer, often overshadows the man and his achievements. Du Bois, including the fi rst study of urban blacks in the United States, had a huge impact on African American communities during the 1900s. The Nobel Prize–winning physicist contributed theories on relativity and the photoelectric effect that are still upheld today. Written by Himself tells the story of an African man enslaved by the British during the mid-eighteenth century.

The European explorer who fi rst set sail for the Americas in 1492 failed in his mission to fi nd a route to the East Indies, but his journeys to the Americas sparked an era of unprecedented exchange between the Old and New Worlds. Vasco da Gama was among a handful of explorers who reshaped trade and labor among Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas. Du Bois believed in Pan- Africanism and played a major role in founding the NAACP. Though German born, Einstein lived out the last portion of his life in the United States and even urged President Roosevelt to act against Nazi Germany. Published in 1789, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano . Whether it is based strictly on Equiano’s life or on others, the book spares no sense of the horror and inhumane treatment slaves suffered.

New research revealing evidence about landscape manipulation and soils, however, suggests that various ancient societies practiced relatively intensive forms of agriculture. That encounter produced some tragic consequences but also integrated the Americas amongst themselves and with the rest of the world.

Thus, historians can now study the variety and complexity of human adaptation to both the challenges and the potential of the Amazon basin proper and the surrounding regions. The American Empire, or American imperialism more generally, is a disputed concept that refers to the political, economic, military, and cultural infl uence of the United States around the world. Eventually, the resulting exchanges between Old World and New created opportunities for both, while the shock of the encounter initiated enduring refl ections about human rights, liberty, and political legitimacy. The early civilizations of the Andes were shaped by the geography of the region—rugged mountains, desert coastal plains, and narrow river valleys—into independent, self-suffi cient communities.

As opportunities for human travel increased, so did the opportunities for biological exchange, often with dramatic consequences. Simon Bolivar’s aristocratic background, education, and his and Grand Tour experience in 1799 resulted in his exposure to European revolutionaries in the early days of the Napoleonic era; in 1805 he made an oath to free South America from Spanish rule.

He achieved his goal twenty-one years later, after failed attempts, exile, and a decade of war, thereby earning his title of “Liberator.” See Simon Bolivar Research Paper. Albert Einstein remains one of the most infl uential people in the fi elds of science and mathematics.Through diplomacy and force, the Incas conquered diverse ethnic groups with different beliefs and social structures. The long-term and extensive contact among peoples and states in the region infl uenced sociopolitical, cultural, and religious ideas in other regions to the south and north. The South American revolutionary Francisco de Miranda was not an exceptional military talent, a gifted diplomat, or an innovative thinker.During the fi rst fi fty years of Spanish rule, epidemics, civil wars, and forced labor wiped out over half of the population. Thomas Jefferson, the main author of the American Declaration of Independence, drew upon French and English Enlightenment political philosophy, and especially the work of the Englishman John Locke, to urge colonists to fi ght for a government based on popular consent—a government that could secure the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He was a master propagandist and tireless promoter of the one idea that animated his entire life: the emancipation of Spanish America.See Organization of American States Research Paper.Pentecostals, who interpret the Bible literally and believe in the imminent return of Christ, are distinguished from other Fundamentalists or Evangelicals by greater exuberance in their religious services.Transatlantic slave trade, with its infamous Middle Passage, ensnared roughly 11 million people between 14; historians caution that using only slave-ship records to account for such numbers leaves out millions who perished in forced marches to factories on the African coast. Sugar, a dietary source of sweetness and energy, can also act as a binder, stabilizer, caramelizer, and bulking agent. The expansion of the industry in the Western Hemisphere increased the supply of sugar in Europe, making it less costly; it also linked sugar production with slavery and plantation agriculture, thus affecting lasting political, economic, social, and cultural consequences. Trade was widely practiced in all parts of the ancient New World, among societies of all levels of social complexity, from the earliest huntergatherers to late prehistoric empires like the Aztec and Inca.But the high costs associated with overland human transport produced a volume of long-distance trade lower than that found in many other ancient societies. Trade and exchange were ancient and pervasive activities throughout Mesoamerica (much of present-day Mexico and northern Central America).The second, based on political alliances and ideologies, started immediately after Fidel Castro’s entry into Havana. The revolution in Haiti began in 1791 and ended in 1804 with the establishment of the Republic of Haiti.It is the only slave revolt in history that led to the founding of an independent nation.Roosevelt and after his death in 1945, made her nearly as controversial a fi gure as her husband.She was a long-time advocate of liberal causes such as child welfare, housing reform, and equal rights for women and racial minorities. Both beloved and hated during his presidency (in offi ce 1933–1945), Franklin Roosevelt expanded the powers of the U. government, instituted a number of regulations and reforms to give Americans a “new deal,” and helped preserve Western liberal democracy by aiding Britain during World War II, which created a bulwark against later Soviet aggression. The trading of slaves had its origins when agricultural societies increasingly needed to defend lands and borders; it proliferated as growing empires expanded their own.


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