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Okonkwo represents the African tribal spirit at the eve of the colonial control.In an unbiased and non-judgemental narration Achebe has tried to explore and uphold the disappearing aboriginal culture of the Dark Continent.By assuming this neutral stance he puts forward the proposition that the African tribes are not as savage and brute as what any European stereotypical view about... Things Fall Apart Things fall apart is one of the novels by of the most renowned African Chinua Achebe.

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Okonkwo is the one who gives the deathblow with his matches despite the fact that he had grown extremely fond of the boy.

He kills Ikemefuna not because he has to, but because of the fact that he does not want to be seen as weak by his peers. Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe in his Things Fall Apart focuses on the typical African notions of power and success in the line of which he characterises Okonkwo.

Lead protagonist was a well-known wrestler or fighter in one of the fictional villages in Nigeria.

It is a social fact especially in African countries and its villages that it is a male-dominated civilization.

Men and women had different roles in the community; men were responsible for growing yams as it was the most important crop in the community while women grew the less important crops like cocoa- yams, beans, cassava e.t.c.

The setting also enables us to follow and understand the Igbo way of life.With the strength that Okonkwo possessed, fame and prestige was always just an arm-stretch away.As the village was filled with testosterone, strength and power, the author made the protagonist seem to be an untouchable and......marry as many women as he likes because having multiple wives and children is considered to be a source of wealth or that one was rich.Ikemefuna becomes a part of Okonkwo’s household and is in fact, treated, as an older brother by the latter’s children.However, there comes a time when the Oracle declares that Ikemefuna has to be put to death in revenge for the killing of an Umuofian years earlier.Okonkwo is, throughout the novel, seen to treat his son quite harshly, even in very trivial situations.This creates a situation where the relationship between these two is extremely strained and a rift between them cannot be filled.However, despite this fact, the depiction of white Europeans in the novel never falls into the simplistic or stereotypical view of the colonial situation: that of Westerners as the evil and violent aggressors of an innocent African homeland.Achebe realizes and understands the complexity of the colonial situation at the center of his novel, and the diversity of his representations demonstrate this.......His attempt had been to draw home the point that each to his own.He was against the colonialist strategy to mark the African Igbo tribal culture as primitive and retrogressive and going head on to.....Number Things Fall Apart There are many novels in this world that seek to capture history, emotion, or simply a piece of the human experience.


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