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Then, we use a video created by Andrew Kappel, titled "How to Write a Thesis Statement for Beginners," to introduce the concept.Next, we model for students how to use our graphic organizer based on the Superman example explained in the video: we introduce an issue, take a position on it, and provide three reasons for support.It is foldable (see photo), which allows students to first write a thesis statement, and then unfold it to fill in the evidence-based supports for each argument.

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Working backwards helps students build an understanding of how strong thesis statements are written.

Station 4: Rewrite It We give students a range of weak thesis statements, and they choose three to improve by adding evidence and detail.

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Thesis Statement Graphic Organizer The foundation to our argument writing instruction is our thesis statement graphic organizer.

We get exit passes back that range from arguments about sports to siblings to the reasons why the student's parents should buy them a new smartphone.

These exit passes provide an easy way to check for understanding.

For example, the statement Goldfish are the best pets might become Goldfish are the best pets because they are inexpensive, are easy to care for, and live a long time.

This activity is easy to complete using a Google form or as a paper-and-pen task with the weak statements written on laminated strips.

Station 5: Thesis CSI Students review cards with evidence statements——quotes, statistics, and data—on a specific topic.

Students use the evidence to create a thesis statement and then record it in the graphic organizer.


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