Thesis On Engine Performance

The thrust and fuel consumption elements, and their variation with altitude, are of vital importance in the climb and cruise phases of operation of the aircraft.

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It tends to increase as energy is converted between different forms, i.e. The TS diagram shown on the RHS is for a single spool turbojet, where a single drive shaft connects the turbine unit with the compressor unit.

Apart from stations 0 and 8s, stagnation pressure and stagnation temperature are used. Stagnation quantities are frequently used in gas turbine cycle studies, because no knowledge of the flow velocity is required.

The thrust available is restricted by the turbine temperature limit at high ambient temperatures as explained in the "Rated performance" sections. entropy (TS) diagrams (see example RHS) are usually used to illustrate the cycle of gas turbine engines.

Entropy represents the degree of disorder of the molecules in the fluid.

The shallower the positive slope on the TS diagram, the less efficient the compression process.

The temperature rise in the compressor dictates that there will be an associated temperature drop across the turbine.

Below are the equations for a single spool turbojet.

A simplifying assumption sometimes made is for the addition of fuel flow to be exactly offset by an overboard compressor bleed, so mass flow remains constant throughout the cycle.

In addition, the flow resistance seen by the compressor is determined by the two restrictors downstream, namely the turbine nozzle area and the propelling nozzle exit area.

The above three ties between the compressor and turbine are adjusted and refined to account for the flows and powers not being equal due to, for example, compressor flow and electric and hydraulic power Specific values of thrust and fuel consumption are promised to a prospective aircraft customer and these are derived using procedures detailed in section "Design point performance equations" and "Simple off-design calculation".


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