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Once the backend has been built and content added, it isn’t immediately obvious how to display this data on the site using Thesis.By using Thesis hooks, you can create PHP functions to call the custom field data, and have this fire in the correct place in your page template.Functions are used to insert HTML code in your Thesis theme and where that function should be placed.

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For using Hooks we need two things one is Functions and another one is a hook.For example, in my “Person” custom post type, I needed it to be easy for administrators to add biographical data.In a similar way, I needed associated content to be linked – for example, the administrator should be able to select projects that the person has been involved with, and these should be displayed on that person’s page.I love to build Word Press websites, and I really love the Thesis framework.Thesis takes care of the heavy-lifting and allows you to focus on the style and functionality of a website.This template can be customised to your heart’s content, and the Thesis query box helpfully allows you to select posts, pages or your custom post types – giving you full control over how your custom post types are displayed.Once my custom post types were set up, I needed to create a customised back-end, so that site administrators could easily add data.Here’s how you get custom fields into your Thesis page template: For example, to display the Advanced Custom Fields field “job_title” in a Thesis 2 template, add the following code to your skin’s The “get_field” and “the_field” functions are part of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin API, and the slug for my custom field is “job_title”.You can also remove a lot of the default thesis elements if you want to.[post_image] Adding an element to your Thesis design is very simple.


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