Thesis About Learning Styles

Thesis About Learning Styles-77
The cohesion and compatibility between course major and learning styles is, infact, one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on an academic major [6].

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Visit for more related articles at International Journal of Economics & Management Sciences The management courses in higher education has experienced a rapid increase in the number of female students in the past decade.

There are many different approaches to learning, but the three main styles are visual, auditory, and tactile.

Visual learning style is a style in which the information is visualized in the mind's eye. They find it easier to visualize information rather than hear about it.

The performance scores of males were found higher in Finance and Marketing disciplines, whereas scores of females were higher in Human Resource and International Business disciplines irrespective of non consistency in all the groups.

The study concludes that instructors should use a learning strategy matching with the style of each learner in different majors of management opted by the students.

In academic literature the most published research on learning styles is on education discipline, followed by business management and computer science engineering.

The focus of educational research on learning styles emphasized on matching student learning styles with curriculum and teaching styles of instructors.

Results of the study indicate that the distribution of learning style type preference of the chosen sample of students was more concentrated towards assimilating and converging styles.

Further results also indicate non-significant difference of learning style and gender in all groups.


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