Then Write An Essay In Which You Analyze The Rhetorical Strategies President Lincoln

Then Write An Essay In Which You Analyze The Rhetorical Strategies President Lincoln-45
USA Today said if you read one book about Lincoln, make it, "A. And their reply was this: they said well we know of George Washington. I want to begin with a question this morning; this is going to be very interactive.

“If you think about it, every person there had probably lost a father, husband, son, or brother, and they were deeply angry,” White says. ” ---------------------------------- FULL TRANSCRIPT DAVID WROBEL: Good morning everybody, welcome back. But we need to know that Lincoln is not simply an American treasure.

“And they wanted Lincoln to speak to their anger.” The University of California-Los Angeles historian delivered a line-by-line analysis of what even the oratorically gifted 16th president called his “best effort” during the University of Oklahoma’s 2014 “Teach-In on the Civil War.” “Lincoln must've thought long and hard, whether he could ask his deeply divided nation, to come together in forgiveness and reconciliation,” White says. I'm David Wrobel, the Merrick Chair of Western History at OU. In 2009 I was invited by the state department to speak in several countries and the first stop was Hamburg, Germany.

I believe that Lincoln led this nation in many ways through the Civil War by his words.

Winston Churchill led his nation in many ways by his words. As was mentioned in the introduction this morning by David Boren, as we began the day, George Washington did not want to run for a second term, he was persuaded to do so, and so when he gave his second inaugural address, for which there was really no tradition, I like to say that he stood and, in 135 words, said, "Thank you very much." and sat down.

And just as I was getting to this point, wouldn't you know it, a professor put up his hand, Ph D in English from Princeton University, and he said, "But Dr.

White, wouldn't you have to admit that he Lincoln actually is blaming someone?May I suggest that Lincoln breaks every rule of modern politics, and modern leadership studies? Lincoln is asking a question that almost no one else is asking.The modern politician, he or she is going to tell us all that they are going to do for us, promise after promise after promise. Not the politicians, not the professors, not the preachers.And so his first rhetorical strategy is what I call the use of inclusive language. Wouldn't it be wonderful in our modern political dialogue, if we could impute the best possible motives to those with whom we disagree?Lincoln is imputing the best possible motives to the people of the South.Do you remember how you walked up those steps, and in that very noisy city, suddenly everything was quiet? Well the word I've heard the most in asking this question is the word, "awe" or what young people often will call, "awesome".What you saw first was the tall 28-foot-high Daniel Chester French statue of Lincoln? I want to make the point that "awe" is not the same thing as "understanding".They did not want this war any more than the people did in the North.In that same inclusive language, he goes towards the end of the paragraph, Now the first time I ever talked about the second inaugural address was at the United States Air Force academy in Colorado Springs.I'd like you to think, in the next few minutes, if Lincoln thought this was his best address, why did he then think it was not immediately popular? And people were shocked by soldiers missing arms and legs.The audience that day was composed of many soldiers, as people wrote home in their letters; they were shocked by what they saw. The reporter for of London, often when you stand outside of a culture, you see things more clearly, was particularly noticing a group of people who seemed clustered at the back of the audience.


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