Thematic Essay On Oedipus Rex

Thematic Essay On Oedipus Rex-67
Finally, freewill has limits and this comes out clearly in this story.Prophecy and oracles were respected amongst Greek people during this era.

Furthermore, Oedipus also discovers something terrifying about himself during his own lifetime: he discovers that what the gods believe about him is true.

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Even though Oedipus knows the truth concerning Laius’s murder, he does all he can to exculpate himself.

Oedipus knows very clearly that he killed Laius single-handedly; however, he is clinging to the side of the story that claims that Laius died in the hands of strangers.

This same oracle had predicted that Oedipus was going to murder his own father and take his mother to bed.

On the other hand, prophecy had let Jocasta know that her son would kill her husband and sleep with her.

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This is because even as the audience looks back in real life, the issues addressed here are easy to identify with in the society today.

Even though there was no written law in Greece customs to bury the dead, the conventional laws, tied to humanity had power over the state.

Again, Sophocles shows how people have the disposition to disregard the truth.


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