The Crucible Character Analysis Essay

The Crucible Character Analysis Essay-47
Ultimately, he redeems his good name and his soul by refusing to surrender his integrity.Abigail Williams is the young woman with whom John Proctor had an affair while she was a servant in his household.

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When the girls are discovered, they, led by Abigail, deflect their own guilt onto others in the town, accusing them of being witches.

Throughout the play, Abigail is shown to be cunning and manipulative.

Indeed, Parris is shown to be deeply concerned for his reputation and power, which is he fears is being challenged by some in the town.

In an attempt to maintain his authority, Parris becomes a staunch advocate for the trials, eventually losing all grip on reality and logic.

Ultimately, his misplaced confidence in his own judgment prevents him from administering true justice.

themes are expressed, let's do a quick overview of what themes are and why they matter. What is the writer attempting to convey to the viewer?

Abigail becomes very attached to John and hopes he will start a real relationship with her—despite the fact that he already has a wife.

It is suggested by Betty that this is precisely what Abigail hopes to achieve when she takes part in Tituba's ritual at the start of the play, where she allegedly drinks blood as part of a charm to kill Elizabeth Proctor.

Like Parris, he is committed to carrying out the trials, even in the face of evidence that the accusations are false.

Danforth is depicted as short-sighted and unwilling to admit to errors: notably, he refuses to postpone the executions of Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor for fear that any leniency will cast doubt on the guilt of those he already condemned to die.


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