Technology Making Us Lazy Essay

Technology Making Us Lazy Essay-29
As a result, we have also become inefficient researchers.Although Wikipedia is frowned upon in the academic world, that does not stop people from using it leisurely to look up information.

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This game glorifies finding information as fast as possible with as little effort as possible.

The consequence of this is that quicker is not always better.

Including , quite often, “hired help.” Which means they are just as lazy as anyone else. This wealth also gives them their choice of how they “work” to acquire more wealth and the potential to acquire any labor saving devices.

Quite often , the wealthy have others doing most of the work that garners these employers more wealth.

Even though our and their lives have become convenient, it has became a bit too luxurious to a degree.

The aspect of time-pass has completely shifted from physical activity and sports to Social Media sites and internet surfing/browsing.Technology breeds the ability to employ labor saving devices.The human species is inherently lazy and certain offspring are more definitely inclined towards sloth.The vast majority of poor across the world still have to work hard just to stay alive.Which causes one to wonder which group is actually the lazier.We try to be efficient with our time, but we end up picking up bad habits that are making us appear “dumber” to older generations.When reading an article, I know there are words that I have to look up, that usually lead me in a completely different direction.The only reason most people work is because they have to.The only reason why some people choose to willingly work is because they actually enjoy what they do. Our hominid ancestors only chose to “work” if it provided food.In an era where all of the world’s information is readily available at our fingertips, it is difficult to imagine what life was like before the Internet. people get anxiety attacks at the thought of a slow wireless connection.God forbid a webpage takes five minutes to load; we are left with rage and disappointment. Despite the fact that research on the detrimental effects of the Internet is still young, there is no doubt that the Internet is changing the way one thinks, but it is not necessarily making one “dumber.” What it is doing, however, is bringing to light some bad habits that are affecting the way we process information.


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