Stem Cell Research Argumentative Essay

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The work of scientists is, and should be, conditioned and directed by consideration of broader human values.

This means that the development of public policy, especially where highly controversial matters are involved, must take all interested sectors of the public into account.

For some people, myself included, the ethical concerns are matters of principle and don’t change with new developments.

But for a lot of people, the stem cell debate has always been a matter of balance.

Recently, the Pew Forum sat down with Yuval Levin, author of , to discuss the ethical and moral grounds for opposing embryonic stem cell research.

Previously, Levin was the executive director of the President’s Council on Bioethics.

This report is intended to contribute to and inform this ongoing dialogue.

We recognize that science does not exist in isolation from the larger community that feels its effects, whether perceived as good or bad.

People are aware that there are ethical concerns and that there is enormous scientific promise.

Now the debate is: Given the ethical questions at stake, is the scientific promise sufficient to make us put the ethical concerns aside and support the research?


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