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She hit the ground running with the company three years ago, but still has yet to take the leap and quit her day job.Tanya believes that in the next year or so she will be able to leave her day job and focus primarily on Bowties and Butterflies. – How she decided the right pricing structure for her services.

“Even if I have a verbal discussion, I always send a confirmation email.” – Best piece of advice for people under the age of 30 to do right now: Do research on the industry you want to get into.

Find industry related networking events in your area.

The newest trend all over the world it to set up small businesses which imply low registration and maintenance costs.

Singapore is no exception to this and investors here have adapted to the requirements of the clients.

Significant life events can bring meaning and change to our lives.

For Tanya Costigan, a health scare made her realize how important it is to do what you love.Also, creating a database with caterers and building strong relations with distributors who can also offer some references should be taken into consideration when setting up a wedding planning agency in Singapore.For assistance in registering a wedding planning business in the city-state, do not hesitate to contact our company formation consultants in Singapore.“I was so eager to start a portfolio that sometimes I would pretty much work for free.” After exploring different models, Tanya has settled on a flat pricing structure that takes her time and effort into consideration instead of only trying to price her services to please her customers.“I have to be fairly priced for the client, but I have to also be fairly priced for myself.Interview Series Sponsored by Hiscox Small Business Insurance.Hiscox specializes in protecting IT/technology, marketing, consulting, health and beauty, photography and many other professional services businesses, tailoring coverage to the specific risks in your industry.Outside of keeping her name in the minds of customers, Tanya also focuses on protecting her business from a legal standpoint.Asked what the most important thing to protect her business is, Tanya replied, “Having a great insurance policy in place that is specific to what you’re doing…just knowing that you have it in place is key.” After years of doing jobs that haven’t been enjoyable, Tanya is focusing on something she loves.Before proceeding with the company formation process in Singapore, a future owner of a wedding planning agency must determine: Researching the existing wedding planning market and the services offered in Singapore is also a good idea before registering the company.Whether you are a local or a foreign investor, you are allowed to open a company in Singapore, including a wedding planning business.


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