Starbucks Research Paper

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This has made it possible to focus energies and strategies on the stores that bring in the most revenue or are the most profitable ones for Starbucks.Weakness Starbucks has focused more on opening and launching new stores and outlets rather than focusing their attention on the present ones.Another opportunity available to a Starbucks is the strategic option of alliance with retail and grocery stores.

It had lounges, where friends and families could come together and talk, which is usually not possible at places of work or even at homes.

Opportunity Social media industry is rapidly developing at a fast pace.

Starbucks outlets were an integral part of Starbuck’s experience.

They offered people a place that can be like home even far away from home.

The new president responsible for global development of Starbucks has been planning to renovate all the Starbucks according to different themes.

The themes would depend upon the local culture and traditions of the local community of the place where the store is situated.

This focus on increasing geographical presence somehow leaves the focus on customer satisfaction, product improvement, profitability of the business and sustainable competitive advantage at the back.

The Starbucks experience got lost in its race to jump in the coffee business and do all that its competitors were doing.

Almost all the customers require that their phone have the latest and the best apps.

The location-basedservices make it possible to search and find a nearby Starbucks shop with relative ease.


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