Sports Role Models Essay

Today, athletes are not considered to be religious figures but nonetheless are accorded great material wealth, privilege, and fame. Because of their talent, salary, and positions as leaders, it's inevitable that we admire and identify them with such integrity (Ferraro).

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Americans both young and old, have no problem identifying one or two favorite athletes that have caught their attention as well as their admiration.

There is also plenty of debate on whether we should treat athletes as role models and try to copy their behaviors as a roadmap for our own lives.

Children, especially those playing sports, are very impressionable to these superstars as they learn themselves, how to contribute to a team or their family.

If you are asking yourself “should athletes be role models?

But if you examine athletes while they're not on the court or on the field, you can see what they are like in every dimension.

Athletes have many positive and negative sides that affect their public face and both benefit and harm their abilities to become role models. C., when the Olympics were first played in Greece, the athletes all paid homage to the Greek God Zeus. Sports were started as a religious ritual and the athlete was considered a demi-god, representing both the spectator and the gods.In today's world, sport stars and other athletes are looked up to by all ages. They look great in the eyes of the everyday public.They appear on television, they perform like rock stars, and do this with the entire world watching. They are seen, as heroes because they can do things that most of us can't.The largest audience for professional athlete role models to influence is young children and teens.Children often rely on many role models to help them figure out how to make their way in this world.” read the following pros and cons on athletes as role models.Not only will it give you ideas on how to talk to your kids about the role professional athletes play in our culture but give you some pointers in case you are comparing yourself to them as well.They hit fastballs at 95 mph, leap at balls in mid air, or defy gravity and throw down a dunk.Their words are repeated and broadcasted throughout the world and their faces have appeared on the front of cereal boxes.But the athlete’s constant, social presence makes them an enticing example to watch because they are living the lives to which kids aspire.Children and older youth already playing in sports are also more likely to consider athletes as role models because they can partly empathize with the athlete’s techniques or competencies. According to The Center for Kids First, there are an estimated 30 million children involved in organized sports per year that athlete roles models can potentially influence.


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