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The goal is to create a case study story that speaks to the vast majority of your audience — you don’t want an example so specific that it doesn’t apply to other prospective customers. You’ve researched, identified a pain point, interviewed a customer, got an awesome quote, dug into the results, and packaged it all up in a pretty PDF. They can access your content directly (put it in the resource section or in your navigation! Whatever it is, make sure that the right eyes are on your case study to propel them forward in the buying process.

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Or if you’re trying to promote a gamified product, why not offer 100 free in-game tokens, as opposed to a free play? Time and scope for success The ultimate goal of a promotion like this one is to turn leads into long-term clients. If the client starts off with a campaign budget of £10/day for their Ad Words ads, they’ll have a whole ten days to burn through their initial £100 and gain a basic grasp of the platform.

To succeed in this aim, it will need to offer sufficient time and scope for the client to see that the product works successfully. They can bet their bottom dollar they’ll hear from some helpful Ad Words reps during this time too.

You can expect to leave with some original ideas to add into your B2B marketing strategy.

Founded just three years ago, this meme factory has risen to become one of the biggest B2B brands in social marketing, offering clients the opportunity to appear on immensely popular channels like Love Food (Instagram, 6.8m followers), Be Fit Motivation (Twitter, 1.78m followers) and Hogwarts Logic (561,000k followers).

On Steve Bartlett’s, the celebrated misogynist Dapper Laughs sits snugly alongside Paul Mason, the economist.

Building Brand Bartlett is a constant endeavour, resulting in daily You Tube videos showing the 24-year-old espousing worldly wisdom, acting altruistically and – in one memorable instalment – having a football kicked at his testicles.If, like Ad Words, you can boast impressive numbers in a B2B promotion, you’ll stand a good chance of getting noticed.So if you’re a software provider whose digital toolkit costs £159/month to use, why not rebrand your 1 month’s free trial as a £159 voucher?Take this example from one of our recent case studies: “The impact this work had on our business was significant,” says the VP. Without Ko Marketing overseeing the strategic big picture, as well as the dozens of day-to-day details, we’d have a hard time achieving the same results, which includes terrific rankings and a big increase in the right kind of traffic.” You can tell a much richer story with quotes vs. If you have a well-known customer that’s willing to let you use their name, that does help to establish your credibility as well.But, don’t wait for a high-profile client to develop a case study. Without customer testimonials, the content on your site will only get you so far in the buying process.Social Chain’s achievements are clearly sufficient to warrant a great deal of attention in their own right – but another key factor in the brand’s visibility has been the careful cultivation of its founder, Steve Bartlett, into a prominent influencer.If you ever want to gauge the breadth of somebody’s appeal, just take a look at the “People also search for” entries on their Google card.Mixing entertainment with advice You’ll only keep your audience engaged if you can ensure your output is multi-faceted.Just as Steven Bartlett’s combines honest advice with lighter or more colourful moments, so too should your content demonstrate the breadth of your character.Google Ad Words – a high-value, low-cost giveaway If you’ve ever Googled anything to do with digital marketing (and we’re guessing you have), you will have probably at some point have been served an ad offering you £75 free ad credit when you sign up to Google Ad Words. Ad Words’ £75 ad credit voucher campaign and its international equivalents have been around for years, and they keep on attracting new sign-ups for the service.Here are the reasons why we think this campaign has become something of a B2B marketing stalwart: Impressive numbers £75 free credit! Even when you’re taken into account the fact you have to first spend £25 to activate the promotion, it’s effectively 300% extra, free.


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