Siegfried Sassoon Essays

This suggests the idea that Sassoon considers all human to be of equal status, which corresponds with his hatred for war.

He had perceived both British and German women to be glorious, however victims of the governments.

In Siegfried Sassoon: Poems, Sassoon’s poems cover themes all over a soldier’s experience, religion, and more.

Siegfried Sassoon is a much admired writer of war poetry, and in his work, "Base Details" we have plenty justification for that admiration.

Sassoon’s speaks from a soldier’s point of view and holds strong intentions to break the romanticized idea of war.

Sassoon was an English author and poet, as well as a soldier.

This was once again contrasted with the line “o German mother dreaming by the fire”, confronting the audience with the reality of war, it also compares to the romanticized idea of war held by German women, once more illustrating their ignorance.

By referring not only to British women, but also German women, Sassoon had torn down the hatred barrier between the two countries created by war and treated both populations as a whole.

In this Bible story, Noah sends out a dove to check and see if the waters have receded enough to open the doors and restart life on Earth.

Another poem in this collection, makes a reference to his experiences as a soldier, as well as the emotional hardening that he and many others experienced during those times.


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