Should Abortion Be Legal Thesis Statement

You will find very many definitions of abortions, one example being the Oxford English Dictionary, which defines abortion as the deliberate termination of pregnancy, mostly done in the first 7 months of the gestation period.It is also in the introduction that you write your thesis statement, which informs the reader your stand on the topic and what they should expect in the essay.Then, introduce the topic to let a reader know what exactly you are talking about.

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It is where you restate your thesis, briefly remind the reader your papers main points, and answer the ‘so what’ question.

You can start your conclusion with a rhetorical statement or question.

Often, your lecturer will set an allowable amount of plagiarism, which is commonly set at below 5%.

The conclusion, of course, is the summary of the entire essay.

After presenting a fact in your paper, use an in-citation to indicate the book or source the information is coming from.

The format of the in-citations is dependent on the format used to write the paper; APA, Chicago, MLA, etc. Ensure all the sources you have used in the body of the paper appear in the references section.

Medical reasons include the psychological effects of pregnancy, especially on minors, and health issues of the mother that might result in miscarriage or threaten the life of the mother.

It is advisable to make a reader understand the difference between personal and medical reasons, and that abortion is legal for certain health situations.

Consider the following are a few anti-abortion arguments you can develop a thesis statement from: You could also discuss the medical procedures used and the possible effects of each procedure.

If you choose this approach, explain each procedure, by outlining what the procedure entails, what a patient can expect during and after the procedure, and the risks.


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