School Assessed Coursework Victoria

SACs, on the other hand, are considered less reliable.

This is because they are completed in schools, under a variety of conditions, and assessed by different teachers who apply different marking standards.

It is implemented and managed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). Units 1 and 2 are usually undertaken in Year 11 and Units 3 and 4 are usually undertaken in Year 12.

At St Helena, students typically take 12 Units in Year 11 and a further 10 Units in Year 12.

All students in Victoria attempt the same exam questions, under the same conditions.

Each exam paper is graded externally by two VCAA appointed teachers.This is because the exam is standardised – in other words, the same exam is completed by all students, under the same conditions, and assessed by the same people.Standardisation means that VCAA considers exam scores a more reliable indicator of student performance and achievement.Students undertaking VCE History (Revolutions) complete five assessment tasks for the year.The first four of these tasks are assessed by their teacher during the school year.The historical inquiry, for example, may be tested with extended response questions similar to Questions One and Two on the exam paper.This means that SACs not only count for assessment, they also provide valuable practice for the end of year examination. The fifth and final assessment task – and undoubtedly the most important – is the end of year examination. It contains two hours of writing time plus 15 minutes of reading time. Exam questions follow a consistent format and test a range of skills, including knowledge of all four Areas of Study, understanding of historical concepts, ability to analyse and interpret visual and documentary evidence, understanding of historical perspectives and interpretations, and the student’s ability to write about history.The four SACs students must complete are: A historical inquiry.For this SAC students investigate an aspect of one of your revolutions, such as a leader, a group, an event or an issue.Teachers provide students with sources, questions and guidelines for this analysis.This SAC will test student understanding of the relevant Area of Study, their ability to extract information from primary sources, their ability to position sources in the context of the revolution and their skill at communicating historical conclusions in writing. For this SAC students are required to study, interpret, compare and evaluate different views of the revolution.


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