Satire Essay Example

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Many tackle ideas that society holds to be important, such as prayer, marriage, and friendship; all are portrayed in a darkly humorous light.

A few notable examples include: is a dark satire of Soviet Communism and the Russian Revolution.

For example, Stephen Colbert of often pretends to be defending politicians that he actually disagrees with.

He mimics their arguments and tone of voice to show how ridiculous they are.

Psy’s popular song “Gangnam Style” (the most popular video on You Tube in 2015) is an over-the-top satire of high-class Korean lifestyles.

Those who don’t speak Korean might have a hard time understanding the satire from the lyrics, but the video speaks for itself – Psy’s absurd dances, his antics, and the whole concept of being “badass” while living in the posh Seoul neighborhood of Gangnam all make fun of Korean popular culture and the behavior of rich people in that country., which was wildly successful and sparked a new birth of reality TV.So, one approach has always been to start with comedy.By laughing at something, we can acknowledge its reality while denying it power over our emotions.Satire also gets people to pay attention to social issues when they might otherwise ignore them.People may pick up a satirical book or watch a satirical movie hoping to be entertained, but end up thinking about issues and perspectives they never thought of before.Although irony is often a part of satire, however, it is not a necessity – think of John Oliver, whose fake news program is similar in many ways to Colbert’s.Oliver is also performing political satire, but he uses dry humor rather than verbal irony.While the book is not meant to be particularly humorous, its plot definitely ridicules the way that the Soviet government perverted the original principles of Communism.For example, the animals begin with the basic belief that “All animals are equal.” But by the end of the book, they have changed it to “All animals are equal…but some animals are more equal than others.” games were originally meant to be satirical – they were poking fun at tabletop fantasy war games.The comic takes on everything from politics and science to parenting.Calvin himself satirizes selfish, lazy, media-saturated Americans, while his father satirizes the opposite extreme.


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