Satan As A Hero Essay

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Gabriel and the other angels guarding Paradise also know, and they fly back up to Heaven.

They report that they did all they could to prevent Satan from re-entering the Garden.

This victory, as well as Satan's motivations, are the most significant departure from Satan being a tragic hero.

The goals that a tragic hero sets are generally not designed to be destructive, despite any resultant outcome.

While Heracles of Greek mythology was half god and half man, Satan was created as a divine entity lesser than God, but still possessing many human characteristics.

Despite sharing many characteristics with epic heroes, Satan may still be best treated as tragic hero or a more strict antagonist to Adam and God.First, his downfall does not simply result in an eventual death (As in Beowulf or Gilgamesh), but instead in a more lasting and symbolic punishment.Second, it can be argued that his motivations are simply too out of line with what is considered "good." In this case, however, it should be noted that both Beowulf and Gilgamesh felt very comfortable with ruling with the latter in particular feeling it was his right as the most powerful.Satan is described as having all the physical and mental characteristics associated with a epic hero, he is of divine size, which is taken as being immaculate, or larger than life, he is strong, cunning (tricking Adam and Eve), and brave, as he takes the long journey to earth and then after this journey he yet again fights God's angels.The character of Satan can also be considered to be both divine and human.Free will seems to exist for Satan, but free will is not enough to explain the manifestation of a character flaw in someone created by a perfect being who knows all, including the future.Satan was doomed to fall and be ruined from the moment of his creation.The most common flaw of this type is pride or hubris, and this is the flaw that Satan possesses as well.He begins to see himself as God's equal, or at least worth enough to replace him, and thus mounts war on Heaven.God tells them that he allowed it himself without condoning it, and acquits his angels of any guilt.In essence, God knew what Satan was going to do, had the ability to stop him, chose not to, but punished Satan and humanity anyway.


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