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A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, Adapted to North America; With a View to the Improvement of Country Residences.

A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, Adapted to North America; With a View to the Improvement of Country Residences.

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For him there was no thought of loss through aging, change, even growth.I have recently posted to this site essays on the two other architects with whom he may be said to have formed a foundation triad — Alexander Jackson Davis and Calvert Vaux — so to not publish this now would be a daily pebble in the shoe.I wrote this story fifteen years ago, for the o long as men are forced to dwell in log huts and follow the hunter’s life,” wrote Andrew Jackson Downing (1815–52), “we must not be surprised at lynch law and the use of the bowie knife.Cut off in his prime, he joined other such deified national figures — mostly martial ones like Nathan Hale or Davy Crockett.Those golden boys who die young, from Arthur Rimbaud to Buddy Holly, from Stephen Crane to Elvis, are forever young in the land of might have been, safe.Olmsted wrote for Downing’s magazine and called him “a great benefactor of our race.” A memorial volume entitled Rural Essays reprinted most of Downing’s editorials from The Horticulturist in 1853 with some additional works.Thereafter, Downing was not entirely forgotten, but in the re-evaluation of 19-century culture that began in the 1930s he remained a background figure.Twombly has selected 33 influential essays, most from The Horticulturist, grouped them by subject, and provided them with concise introductions and annotations.In them we can see exactly how Downing encouraged the move away from orthogonal, classical design practices toward the irregular, curving, and picturesque and how he inspired similar improvements in the public realm: “we confidently wait for the time when public park, public gardens, public galleries and tasteful villages shall be among the peculiar features of our happy republic.” Yglesias, who is a practicing architect in Washington, D. as well as a Ph D in the history and theory of architecture, combines these interests in her book, beginning with a summary of Downing’s life, well-illustrated in black and white.His platform was the monthly magazine he founded in 1846, The Horticulturist and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste, and he also published four books.Calvert Vaux moved from London in 1851 to work for Downing at his home in Newburgh, New York and first met Olmsted there.


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