Romeo And Juliet Tragic Hero Essay

Unlike Romeo, Gatsby is completely idealistic in his love for Daisy—he’ll do anything for her, but she wouldn’t do the same for him. Gatsby is so busy reaching for an ideal that he’s never satisfied.He surrounds himself with money and parties even though he doesn’t take any real pleasure from them. When he finally gets the girl, he still isn’t satisfied. So it doesn’t matter if some people say Snape isn’t, as long as you can back your writing up with evidence that he is.Aristotle had a lot to say on the subject of tragic heroes, including certain characteristics their stories possess.

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So how do you find tragic hero examples of your own? Now, it doesn’t necessarily have to be labeled as a tragedy.

You can choose from epic poems, young adult novels, and even children’s books.

By making tragic heroes generally neutral on the moral scale, it makes them more relatable, which makes readers upset when they finally die or suffer some other tragic fate.

Furthermore, they must suffer more than they should.

Romeo’s obsessive love is what causes him to kill himself at the thought of Juliet being dead (if he had held out another hour or two, he would’ve been fine).

And inadvertently, it’s Romeo’s suicide that causes Juliet’s death.Even if it’s technically by the hand of someone else, if it can be traced back to the flaw of the hero, it makes the situation tragic.Hamlet’s tragic flaw is his indecisiveness and obsession.The main two qualities about tragic heroes, though, is that they are just like you and me and that they suffer more than they deserve to.This is critical to the response writers want to evoke from readers.The point is that something tragic happens to one of the characters. Answering yes to all of these questions is a pretty clear sign you have a tragic hero on your hands.Lastly, think about the reason for the character’s downfall.But he takes the blame for Daisy hitting Myrtle with a car and gets shot because of it. Severus Snape, I have to admit, is a tragic hero according to many readers, but others might not think so. Snape’s flaw is his undying love for Lily—even after she’s long gone.He watches after Harry even though he really doesn’t like him and serves as a double agent for Dumbledore against Voldemort (who killed Lily). He dies trying to protect Lily’s only son while working against her murderer. It’s because of this flaw that he ends up alone—everyone grew up and moved on except for him.Instead, he remains indecisive about whether his uncle, Claudius, was the murderer.Even after he discovers his uncle killed his father, he can’t decide on how to enact his revenge and obsesses over it.


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