Romeo And Juliet Identity Essay

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Her bond with Romeo was so strong that she died because Romeo’s exile not Romeo’s death: “Montague: Alas, my liege [Prince], my wife is dead tonight.

Grief on my son’s exile hath stopped her breath” (Line 5.3.218-220).

She makes a logical and heartfelt decision that her loyalty and love for Romeo will be her main priority, and she will do whatever it takes to make their love work.

The moment Romeo realises he loves Juliet his loyalty becomes divided, between what he knows is right and what his heart says.

The play, Romeo and Juliet has many deaths, which are usually suicides because they have lost someone they love.

The novel, The Chrysalids by John Wyndham also has people risking their lives or even suicide because they will or are not able to live without the person they love.When a character in Romeo and Juliet loses someone they love dearly and has made them a part of their identity, they willingly welcome death and leave their true identity.This Later on, Romeo and Juliet both kill themselves after seeing each other dead, because both had made each other a part of their identity.On the other hand, you could argue that loyalty lead to both of their deaths, with the reasoning that had Romeo not been so attached to Mercutio he would not have killed Tybalt when Tybalt fatally injured Mercutio.If he had not slain Tybalt, he would not have been banned from Verona, and in turn they might have thought of a different plan than the one they eventually chose which was wrought with complications and took both of their lives.The main theme is the feuding families of Romeo and Juliet that holds an “ancient grudge” against each other: the Montague’s and the Capulet’s.Romeo’s family and friends despise Juliet’s family, the Capulet’s, and as the play progresses you will find them defending each other in the face of an enemy.The bond between characters is one of the strong aspects that make the play, Romeo and Juliet a beautiful tragedy.The book, The Chrysalids suggest that when a character is dead or is at the risk of being dead, the characters who share a close relationship with another character will also die or risk their lives. is undoubtedly the most famous love story of all time, featuring two ‘star crossed lovers’ whose brief but intense affair ends in tragedy.It is one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, and both Romeo and Juliet have become archetypal young lovers, representing certain notions of masculine and feminine identity.


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