Romanian Culture Essay

Romanian Culture Essay-63
Heavy, simple meals consisting mainly of meat and carbs which are intended to stick to one’s bones.We enjoyed most of the food, but were excited to find a green leafy salad after a month.

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One thing is for sure, ordering one of these side dishes with our meal meant that we never left the restaurant feeling hungry.

Salads generally consisted of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and or cabbage.

Another popular liquor, is made by mixing fermented sour cherries with sugar and vodka.

The quality of the drink highly depends on the quality of the fruit and it is why it is recommended that the fruit be hand picked.

Topped with goat cheese, hazelnuts and an assortment of fresh vegetables with a vinaigrette glaze, it was a nice change from the heavy Romanian food. Dalene had the chance to make these with the family during our stay in Sinca Noua and learned the secret ingredient of lemon zest in the dough to give it just a hint of citrus.

We had expected to see dumplings on menus as side dishes or mains, but surprisingly we only found them in the dessert sections topped with fruit or chocolate. I was expecting typical lager type brews with not much variety.

We found brains, testicles and other parts of the pig on the menu and we put it to our Facebook fans to decide which one I would try.

The testicles pictured above won out – they were quite tasty but a little chewy.

These are quite common in street food stalls accompanied with a pint of beer.

Menus will have easy items such as pork and chicken schnitzels, and for the more adventurous eaters the Romanians embrace the “whole animal” concept.


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