Roles Of Women In Othello Essay

Roles Of Women In Othello Essay-79
Women are spoken vicious of and often treated as furniture.They depict to be conquered yet the whole play is cantered on women.

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Furthermore the act of marriage was described as a purchase, as seen in Act II when Othello says to Desdemona 'The purchase made, the fruits are to ensue' (II.3.8-9), A woman is purchased by her husband and in turn is expected to fulfill his desires as payment for the privilege of being married to him.

Iago who seeks revenge on Othello for his assumption that Emilia and Othello had an affair wishes to be 'evened with him, wife for wife' (II.1.290) The women are only objects to be used by Iago to further his desire for revenge and therefore perfectly demonstrates the idea that women are possessions inferior to men.

Introduction Joanne Ritter Discuss the role of women in the play Othello.

The three women in the play are all victims of some kind, regarded by most of the men as 'only good for one thing'.

When she finds out that Othello has killed Desdemona she says - 'O more the angel she, And you the blacker devil.' She defends Desdemona untill she herslef is killed by her husband for revealing all that he has done.

She is told by iago to 'charm your toungue' to which sher replies 'I will not charm my tongue; I am bound to speak: My mistress here lies murdered in her bed.' ..more.

this concept was widely believed and understood by Shakespeare's audience.

Modern feminist disagree and say it is not natural for a woman to be feminine, however the women in Othello are pre-feminism and only seem to compound the ideologies of 'feminism' through their actions and behavior.

Emilia is direct and confident, she speaks her mind in standing up too Iago and Othello.

Emilia is one of the most sensable characters in the play and she is feircly loyal to her misstress, betraying her husband and revealing his foul plans to split up Desdemona and Othello.


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