Right Vs Wrong Essay

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Fetuses have no awareness of their futures whatsoever, and this is one important difference between their futures and our futures.

Fetuses, then, might not have a right to the pregnant woman’s body and so she doesn’t violate their rights by not allowing a fetus to use it.

The aim of this essay is to demonstrate how it is possible that nobody does wrong knowingly.

Right and wrong, good and bad are typically associated with human actions, and Socrates has successfully demonstrated that the motivation for every action is self-interest.

, albeit completely dependent beings: what else would they be?

So, abortion involves the intentional killing of a human being.

The medical and scientific research reports that this developmental stage isn’t reached until after the first trimester, or, more likely, until mid-pregnancy.

But aren’t our futures plausibly valuable, in part, because we can, presently, look forward to them?

For example, someone who gives money to charity does so because it makes them feel good and they perceive the pleasure derived from helping people as a greater benefit than spending the money on themselves.

What an individual perceives as the best course of action may not necessarily align with what they want.


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