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Finally, check over your work and write your final draft.tudents may be required to complete a response essay for a class after reading a particular report or other document.

A response essay allows a learner to respond to an idea or information in a formal way.

Therefore, you'll write your document in the first person, which means you'll use the word "I" while writing the document.

In many cases, you'll complete a response or reaction essay in order to tell if you agree or disagree with a topic or you might be asked to write about whether you like or dislike something.

At the same time, you'll utilize facts that you know or your own observations to help support your opinion.

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For example, if you're completing a response or reaction essay to something you have read, you might say something like "In my opinion, the story was very confusing because the author used too many words that were unfamiliar to me and he/she changed the point-of-view too often." Although someone else may not have had a problem with the words or with keeping up with the changes in point-of-view, it's a fact that you didn't know many of the words and that the author did make frequent changes in the point-of-view of the story.After a student understands the information presented, he/she should review his/her own thoughts on the matter.The student should find research that supports his/her thoughts.In many cases, a response or reaction essay is completed in response to a video, reading assignment, or special event.For example, if something interesting or shocking has been reported in the news, you might write a response or reaction paper that expresses your viewpoint on the events.Similarly, if you're in a class that has taken a trip to an art museum, you might be called upon to write response essays about the trip or about a particular piece you saw while on your trip.When you write response or reaction essays, you'll discuss your personal feelings on an issue.The response report should have an introduction, which explains the background of the situation and includes a thesis statement.The body of the response report should contain new information that supports the student's opinion, including facts, ideas, and theories.Response essays are always from the student's point-of-view and require that he/she has read and understood information presented to him/her.In order to create an effective response essay, students need to be persuasive, analytical, and include factual information.


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