Research Proposal On Childhood Obesity

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There are numerous things parents can do to enable the health of their child.

They can pack healthy lunches for school, cook foods with low cholesterol and trans-fatty acids, and enroll their children in sports and physical activities. While the main focus should be on education, administrators should ensure that there is a healthy food selection for the children.With this wide variety, children are able to spend hours watching television which requires no physical activity, so children rarely, if ever participate in any physical activities outside of the school setting.This leads to inactivity which consequently, may lead to obesity.The media also contributes to obesity in children because of their junk food advertisements.During these programs, many food ads entice the children causing impulse eating.Since parents can’t have a constant eye on their children, they should encourage them to make wise decisions about food. In most schools, there are vending machines which consist of very unhealthy foods such as soda, chocolate, and chips.In the cafeterias, the menu includes French fries and burgers.Childhood obesity is a serious health and societal issue.Rising at extreme rates, one may call it an epidemic.To prevent childhood obesity, children need support from the media, their parents, and their school.With help from these influences, there is a greater chance that childhood obesity will decrease and become an issue of the past.


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