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Open for comment; Bank of America's stringent onboarding process for new execs ensures they understand role expectations, quickly develop networks, and learn from other leaders what it takes to succeed.From the new book by Dorothy Leonard and colleagues, Critical Knowledge Transfer.

Open for comment; Bank of America's stringent onboarding process for new execs ensures they understand role expectations, quickly develop networks, and learn from other leaders what it takes to succeed.From the new book by Dorothy Leonard and colleagues, Critical Knowledge Transfer.

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This paper focuses on the critical role of work teams, arguing that managers must leverage the knowledge generated by teams to support innovation and strategic change.

It matches types of team learning to innovation activities.

Existing research has not answered the question, even as U. companies alone spend billions annually on knowledge management programs. Edmondson found that team use of an organization's captured knowledge enhanced productivity, especially for teams that were geographically diverse, relatively low in experience, or performing complex work.

Looking at large-scale, objective data from Indian software developer Wipro, researchers Bradley R. The study did not find effects of knowledge use on the quality of the team's work, except for dispersed teams.

Open for comment; There is a problem with medical records—they are scattered everywhere.

John Quelch discusses approaches to integrate patient data so that medical professionals and patients can make better decisions.An organizational KR thus fails to serve as an equalizer absent intervention.Key concepts include: There is a cautionary note for managers: In this study, KRs supported team performance by enriching the knowledge access of central players in the organization.Open for comment; Electronic health records are sweeping through the medical field, but some doctors report a disturbing side effect.Instead of becoming more efficient, some practices are becoming less so. Open for comment; Individuals on the periphery of organizational knowledge-sharing networks, due to inexperience, location, or lack of social capital, may struggle to access useful knowledge at work.Key concepts include: Using captured knowledge had a positive effect on the team's project efficiency (delivering on budget) but not on project quality (number of defects in the code).When use of knowledge was concentrated in a small number of team members, efficiency improved but quality declined.In a growing number of cases, cross-boundary teams span organizational boundaries, not just functional ones.This paper explores how newly formed temporary groups may be able to develop rapidly into high-performance teams.Although some individuals are deployed into positions seen as organizationally necessary - such as remote offices or onto teams where they all may not know each other - in these positions they are less likely to make use of available organizational resources.There is a pattern of greater use of a KR and success for teams working in more supportive conditions.


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