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more The South Asian populations have a mosaic of ancestries likely due to the interactions of long-term populations of the landmass and those of East and West Eurasia.

Apart from prehistoric dispersals, there are some known population movements to India.

Ancestry inference showed different proportions of European, African and American backgrounds in the composition of our samples.

Brazilians were more admixed, had a lower African background (43% vs. 76% on chromosome 11) and presented a signature of positive selection and Iberian introgression in the Hb S region, driving a high differentiation of this locus between the two cohorts.

Recently, in our high-resolution study, we were able to quantify the admixture dynamics of these groups, which has suggested a male-biased admixture.

Here, we added the newly available ancient samples and revisited the interplay of genes and cultures.

The point mutation responsible for sickle cell anaemia codes for a variant hemoglobin, sickle hemoglobin or Hbs, whose presence drives the pathophysiology of disease.

Here we propose to explore ancestry and population structure in a genome-wide study with particular emphasis on chromosome 11 in two SCA admixed cohorts obtained from urban populations of Brazil (pernambuco and são paulo) and the United states (pennsylvania).

However, interpretations based on simple haplogroup frequency clines do not recognize underlying patterns of genetic diversification.

Although progress has been recently made in resolving the haplogroup G phylogeny, a comprehensive survey of the geographic distribution patterns of the significant sub-clades of this haplogroup has not been conducted yet.


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