Religion And Modernity Essay

Religion And Modernity Essay-52
As a cultural condition, modernity colors religions perception in various ways.Popular modernization theorists such as Daniel Bell and Karl Marx have asserted that the result of economic development is persistent cultural changes.There are three forms of secularization: privatization of religion, social differentiation, and the decline of religion.

Secularism is the belief that religion should be a personal, private, and voluntary affair, which does not impose on others.

Thus, secularization is the process of things becoming more secular.

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Secularization theory is a sociology theory that argues that religion retreats when the society advances in modernity.

Scientific and intellectual developments have undermined the supernatural, paranormal, spiritual and superstitious ideas on which religion relies for its authenticity.

However, other scholars such as Samuel Huntington and Max Weber have argued that cultural values are an autonomous and enduring influence on society.

Religion, which is the broad cultural heritage of society, leaves an imprint on values, which endure in spite of modernization.

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