Race And Ethnic Essay

Race: A group of people who are perceived by a given society to be biologically different from others Ethnicity: People who share, believe they share, or are believed by others to share a national origin; a common ancestry; a place of birth; distinctive concrete social traits (such as religious practices, style of dress, body adornments, or language); or socially important physical characteristics (such as skin color, hair texture, or body structure) Discrimination: Intentional or unintentional unequal treatment of individuals or groups because of attributes unrelated to merit, ability, or past performance-treatment that denies equal opportunities to achieve socially valued goals Prejudice: A negative attitude toward a certain category of people.Minority: A racial or ethnic group that is subjected to prejudice and discrimination.

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They live in a society together with no laws or governing powers.

Indians stay in small tribes therefore making crime less probable.

‘Mira, please tell him we no the same,’ said Diego Torres.

(32)” By Fabrizi not being able to understand the differences between a Puerto Rican and a Dominican, Mohr sees that the interaction between an immigrant and a citizen of the United States is important when constructing ethnicity.

There are many reasons to which we can attribute inequality.

The article “Worsening Wealth Inequality by Race,” written by Taylor Luhby, specifically exemplifies the attribution theory and cultural and structural explanations.From reading both texts, it is possible to make the argument that Mohr’s text supports Nagel’s ideas on the fluidity and situational nature of ethnic identity in the United States.Mohr finds themes from different scenarios in You the same like him, what do you think?Indians and African American physical features are contrary to Whites.Most have broad shoulders, big upper torsos, muscular body frames, brown tint skin, wide square jaw structures, and black hair....Vietnam is a unified nation with 54 ethnic groups living together, Equality among all ethnic groups is a fundamental principle of the policy to ensure the rights of ethnic minorities. “No law, as among the savage Americans, or too much law, as among civilized Europeans, submits man to the greatest evil, one who has seen both conditions of existence would pronounce it to be the last.” (Thomas Jefferson, Aborigines, p.93).Mohr character of Stephan Paczkowski sees political power first hand.Paczkowski says, “I work there for ten years until about a year and half ago.Along with a social side of the creation of ethnicity, there is also a political side. Nagel clarifies this when she says, “Political parties designed to house, employ or otherwise regulate or assist immigrant populations can influence the composition, location, and class position of these new ethnic subpopulations.(244)” What Nagel is stating is that politics can play a part in constructing ethnicity in many ways by offering ethnic subpopulations the ability to change in order to fit in better with political policies.


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