Procrastination Is A Thief Of Time Essay

At those times carrying out a task is quite difficult and hence such an event can be excused.There is another part of our brain which is a bit visor and more rational which is responsible for our self evaluation, ambition and goals. The thing about Procrastination is that the instinctual part of the brain tells us to keep of the word for a later time and let it go.The rational part however is very slow in thinking whether the work should be done or not and that period of thinking is the time we lose in procrastination.It is customary to compare the flow of time with the flow of the river. There is no stopping the onward motion of the flowing waters.Similarly, the progress of time cannot be checked; it goes on relentlessly without considering what it does to the men of the world.Social psychologist on the other hand might see it is a problem related to emotional regulation for trying to avoid bad feelings like stress.And evolution is a psychologist might think it to be a partly genetic problem.The focus is on exploring procrastination in relation to agency, rationality, and ethics—topics that philosophy is well suited to address.Theoretically and empirically informed analyses are developed and applie ...According to many studies scientists have found that procrastination might even be a part of our evolutionary makeup.The scientists also suggested an evolutionary reason why Procrastination and impulsive behaviour might be linked.


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