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How about deciding what classes to take in Middle School? Just make sure you are aware of how you made the choice and are satisfied with it. What are the risks involved in making the decision (reflection)? Make a decision (transfer learning) and live with it knowing you've considered all available information and evaluated it logically and objectively.

Or whether to make a soccer or basketball game on the weekend? Using these eight tools strategically, with precision and tenaciously, is a great first step. Maybe buying an MP3 player means you can't do something else you wanted. Optionally, you might have students evaluate problem solving in their favorite game, say, Minecraft.

My first time trying an @openmiddle problem with my students today. After a few minutes going at it (and coming up with more than one solution) they asked “can we do another one? ” Ud H9q— Marguerite Spriggs (@mspriggs30) November 16, 2018Thanks to @openmiddle for this question to consolidate our learning @Marguerite HCDSB.

Grade 7’s are encouraged to challenge family at home to continue their math talk and reasoning beyond school.

What if everyone's watching and he can't do it -- isn't it better not to try?

What if it works, but not the way everyone wants it to?Spinner Game presents students with a frequency table of spins and requires students to create a bar graph of the results and draw a spinner that would yield those results.  Students must justify their proposed spinner, explaining how it fits the data.  Teachers should ask students to explain how they know what comes next to develop students' ability to explain their thinking.Shape Patterns: shape patterns that require students to draw what comes next.Of all the skills students learn in school, problem solving arguably is the most valuable and the hardest to learn.Problem solving is fraught with uncertainty -- what if the student looks stupid as he tries?High-Number Toss - 1 is designed to measure student understanding of place value as it is used in the Everyday Math Game of the same name.  Students must be familiar with the game to successfully solve the problem.It comes up in ELA ("Students will be challenged and asked questions that push them to refer back to what they’ve read.This stresses critical thinking, , and analytical skills that are required for success in college, career and life."), but is inescapable in math. Eliminate the choices that don't fit your constraints (money, time, use, etc.) If there are several choices that seem to work, this will help you make the decision.


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