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Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Moreover, there may be logical limits to what an omnipotent being can or cannot do.Join Britannica's Publishing Partner Program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work! Most skeptics, therefore, have taken the reality of evil as evidence that God’s existence is unlikely rather than impossible.

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If true, these objections then both point to God whose character is the very standard of goodness and who is the designer of the universe.Put more simply in the context of questions that come from suffering, exist, we can begin to pose our questions more accurately.So what exactly could a thoughtful person say in response to someone who questions whether or not God exists given the existence of suffering, evil and pain in the world? The problem of evil presents a question not only for the person trying to give an answer to the problem, but also for the questioner.It is true that the value of the latter is greater; but, in compensation, the other are beyond comparison the more numerous, and it may be that the proportion of number and of quantity surpasses that of value and of quality.As to the minor, that is no more to be admitted; that is, it is not at all to be admitted that there is more evil than good in the intelligent creatures.Many philosophers and theologians have rejected accounts of the first kind as inherently implausible or as foolhardy attempts to go beyond the bounds of human knowledge to discern God’s inscrutable will defense, claims that evil is caused not by God but by human beings, who must be allowed to choose evil if they are to have free will.This response presupposes that humans are indeed free, and it fails to reckon with Richard Swinburne, is that natural evils can be the means of learning and maturing.If you have the real existence of evil and no God, since evil disproves God then how can you have an objective human-mind independent moral law?When you define evil you can define it in a couple of ways: it is either (1) The absence, lack or corruption of goodness or (2) a departure from the way things ought to be.Natural evils, in other words, can help cultivate virtues such as courage and generosity by forcing humans to confront danger, hardship, and need.Such arguments are commonly supplemented by appeals to belief in a life after death, not just as reward or compensation but as the state in which the point of human suffering and the way in which God brings good out of evil will be made clear.


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