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Another source of inspiration is Ron Lieber’s annual contest for the best college essays that address issues of money, work and social class.

Another source of inspiration is Ron Lieber’s annual contest for the best college essays that address issues of money, work and social class.These essays, as he wrote in 2015, are “filled with raw, decidedly mixed feelings about parents and their sacrifices; trenchant accounts of the awkwardness of straddling communities with vastly different socio-economic circumstances; and plain-spoken — yet completely affecting — descriptions of what it means to make a living and a life in America today.”You can find them all, by year, here:2016: Memories and Hopes: The Top Essays2015: Essays About Work and Class That Caught a College’s Eye2014: Four Stand-Out College Essays About Money2013: Standing Out From the Crowd What we’ve compiled below is just a very, very small taste of the thousands of essays you can find in The Times on these topics.

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Does it surprise you to realize this essay was written in 2010?

Do you think his observations are even more true today?

What stories do you have to tell about life online?

Another excellent place to glean ideas is the Op-Ed page, where writers respond to the news of the day with occasional personal essays.

Then, ask you yourself, what issues and current events do you care most about? What personal stories can you tell that relate to them in some way?

For instance, maybe the impact of technology on our lives concerns you.

In our collection of prompts, you can find nearly 50 different ways we’ve taken that topic on, each linked to a Times article or essay on the topic.

For just one example, though, you might read Gary Shteyngart’s essay “Only Disconnect”: With each post, each tap of the screen, each drag and click, I am becoming a different person — solitary where I was once gregarious; a content provider where I at least once imagined myself an artist; nervous and constantly updated where I once knew the world through sleepy, half-shut eyes; detail-oriented and productive where I once saw life float by like a gorgeously made documentary film.

In fact, we’ve just published a list of 650 of those questions that ask for personal and narrative writing, on topics like sports, travel, education, gender roles, video games, fashion, family, pop culture, social media and more.

Visit the collection to get ideas and to access related Times articles to help you think more about each.


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