Perception Of Reality Essay

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Even the second part of Ivanka Trump’s quote matches with many lovers or people of faith, that indeed do not try to correct a false perception because it plays to their advantage.

These behaviours regarding truth and false perceptions are now completely rejected by societies that are evolved in their relations with common good, management of public affairs, professionality that impact the lives and the quality of the lives of everybody.

We do not know if this quote, that has become extremely famous, had something to do with her personal life.

Indeed, we all agree that when we are in love, we think our beloved is the best person in the world and we are often blind to their flaws.

Yet taking advantage of false information when it plays to your own advantage, like Ivanka Trump is suggesting, on the contrary seems to be largely tolerated and certainly doesn’t seem prosecutable during political campaigns for democratic elections, and even after these same campaigns for political propaganda.

The main claims of Brexit supporters were fake, as was the accusation by Donald Trump’s supporters of Hillary Clinton trafficking children, or the belief that climate change is not real and just a machination of the Chinese government, or that the raise in immigrants raises crime rates, or to define terrorism as a major menace of our times.And a tiny little point of coherence and transparency should be recognized to Ivanka Trump, for revealing her ethical criteria, showing false perception as important and tolerable if it plays to her advantage.Thinking about it, if those who insist on making vaccinations a decision of free opinion, or those who tolerate the definition of the gravity of terrorism did the same, maybe everything would be easier to agree on.Moreover, how can you trust in solutions that are proposed and voted to fix false problems?Those who hope and aspire to politics as a noble art of public service, should first of all worry about getting laws that won’t allow and will prosecute false in electoral campaigns, at least as much as it is already forbidden in other public services, like health and justice.Those who realize – thanks to social network – that false statements are now “environmental”, omnipresent like the air we breathe, shouldn’t be shocked by the fact that it is now a weapon used in political fights as well.And the fact that public opinion doesn’t care about politics anymore shouldn’t surprise us either, since politics are seen as a profession of falsity and corruption.Therefore, as an example, no judge would ever allow a public prosecutor that accuses a suspect based on their own impressions and with no proof to speak in a courtroom.In the field of health, the same goes for a surgeon that thinks that lung cancer can be cured with lemon and bicarbonate: obviously he is immediately expelled from the profession.The internet gave us many useful things such as convenient cloud storage, our favorite shops, and our dear friends online.Some of these things even appeared overly beautiful.


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