People Hate English Essay

Sure, there were occasional moments of idiocy, like when I made a mistake at work and a colleague responded by putting on a comic Irish accent and doing a bumbling-peasant impression.

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How can it be possible that a member of parliament in 2018 still believes that Ireland is nothing but a resource to be drawn from and discarded at will? But I don’t find it funny anymore, how they think of us - or often, how they don’t bother to think of us at all. I hadn’t spent much time in Britain before my arrival and had no particular feelings toward the English.

I expected them to react to me with similar neutrality.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the arcane MP who looks as though he has been extracted from the nightmare of a Victorian child, has suggested bringing back border checks “as we had during the Troubles”.

In the midst of all this, I’ve noticed a tonal shift in the way I and other Irish people speak about the English. We are more ready to call them out on all those centuries of excess, more likely to object to those pink-trousered, pink-faced dinosaurs who still perceive us as their inferiors.

(You know the one: Ha-ha, you guys love potatoes - remember, the things that all rotted before a million of you died of starvation?

) And yes, it was consistently surprising how many English people were shocked and offended to discover that an Irish person might feel some animosity toward their country.It would have been a strange incident in any case, these English men who look like relics of the landlord class shouting at young Irish people rendered desperate because of skyrocketing rents, but it was to become more absurd still.After calling the women “scroungers” and demanding to know whether they had jobs, one of the men took the decapitated head of a pigeon out of his pocket and threw it at them.Fed up and demoralised, I wandered off to the cinema and saw , a thriller set during the Famine.In it, an Irish deserter from the English Army returns home to find his family dead and his homeland ravaged as a result of British rule.All around me were examples of the worst elements of the English ruling class: their solipsism, their hatred of the poor, their amazing rudeness.A man in a boater hat and cravat, drinking Champagne and smoking a cigar, ignored a homeless woman asking for change and then chided me when I gave her some.‘The extent to which many English people are ignorant about Ireland has become painfully clear.Crucial questions about how to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic remain unresolved, months before Brexit is slated to become official.’ Photograph: i Stock/Getty Images I found myself genuinely breathless with anger when I read the Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen’s recent comments assuming he would be entitled to an Irish passport post-Brexit.But what kills you is the ignorance; what grinds you down is how much they don’t know about the past and, if they do know, how little they care.It’s a strange and maddening thing to discover about the people who shaped your country’s fate and who are poised to do so again.


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