Peer Pressure Essay Conclusion

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The probability of failure is extremely high because the person cannot put the heart and soul in the work.

Artificial lifestyle: People trying to emulate the lifestyle of others due to peer pressure are forced to do things that they hate.

Governments of countries can learn from each other about the economic development and improve the condition of their masses.

Enhancing the personality: If the peer group of a person is good, it can have a far-reaching effect on the personality.

Peer pressure can occur in many kinds of relationships. Positive peer pressure is not limited to following or setting good examples of what to do. A teen whose friends do not use alcohol or other drugs may be positively influenced to follow their example. In these cases, peer pressure causes negative outcomes.

The way you respond to peer pressure can have a great impact on the decisions you make and, in turn, your total health. Being a good role model is also a great way to demonstrate positive peer pressure. Peer pressure is when you decide to do something, not because you want to, but because your peers. In conclusion, I think that peer pressure is a very interesting issue because peer pressure is not always good and not always bad. Peer pressure can be good Everyone talks about how awful peer pressure is. So while it's true that peers can exert pressure and influence each other, more often than not peers act... Peer pressure can happen in many different ways and in many different situations.

Ensuing lifestyle can have a debilitating effect on the person ruining both professional as well as personal life.

Loss of rational thinking: People influenced by peer pressure cannot think rationally because they try to imitate others.

For instance partying during the weekend or visiting five-star hotels when the budget doesn’t allow can create unpleasant situations.

Teenagers are vulnerable to peer pressure as they resort to smoking and drinking because it is termed fashionable.


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