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This Classical approach is still in practise in contemporary management.I most manufacturing industries, factory workers are made to face the systematic approach of the scientific management principles.As earlier stated, the Taylor scientific school concentrated on the work to be done, and have little concern for the workers doing the work.

On the other hand the Mayo’s human relations school concerns itself with the needs of workers in their place of work, in which when they are solved they tend to motivate the workers into performing more.

These needs amount to the desire for the workers to work independently with no rigorous supervision, the need for communication in the place of work between management and workers, the need for social interaction among workers, and job satisfaction which comes from the solving of workers’ needs in order for them to solve the organisation’s needs.

“despite the economic process brought about in part by scientific management, critics were calling attention to the seamy ‘side of progress’, which include severe labour/ management conflict, apathy, boredom, and wasted human resources”. Among its findings, the Human relations school find out that workers operate as a team and there exist a social interaction among them, that is , an informal social interaction, other than the everyday formal working process.

This informal connectivity among the workers is a source of which they are being motivated. the eager human desire for cooperative activity still persists in the ordinary person and can be utilized by intelligent and straightforward management.

The approach brought about the reduction of time wastages and resource wastage.

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It also made the management of organization to be more focused on its responsibilities and on the objectives of the organization.The positive sides of the Human relation school have to do with its recognition of workers, individual and group needs.Also, human resource is recognized as the most vital resource in the organization.Hence, varieties of theories are abstracted from the real world situation to give explanation to a particular need in a given social setting.The two theories to be compared and contrasted are the scientific school of thought theory on management by Frederick Taylor and the Human relation school theory of Elton Mayo and his associates.Another place of contradiction between the theories is that while the classical school sees workers that they only want to satisfy their economic need and this is a source for motivating them, the human relations school have it that workers are motivated by many needs which include the desire to have informal social interaction in their work place.Furthermore, the Classical thought have the perception that people act rationally to maximize rewards.Also teamwork is essential for cooperation and sound technical decisions.From the positive angle associated with the classical school, we can decipher that the approach brought about a systematic pattern of carrying out functions in an organization; where there is specialization and division of work.On the negative side, the Classical approach failed to recognize the needs of the human resource in the organization; hence, they are dehumanised and conceived as a machine.Thus, more concentration is focused on the task to be attained rather than on the workers who perform the tasks.


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