Parents Are Good Teachers Essay

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They share every hint of happiness or unhappiness with us and they even know what a little gesture of us might indicate.Based on such a deep understanding, our parents will teach us what we are interested in and what we are not.On the other hand, teachers would do much better than parents in educating children because of many reasons.

Parents are the first person in children’s’ life, thereby they are tasked to initially train them to have proper manners while growing up, and they should equip them with the proper attitude even before their first exposure to school and initial meeting with their teachers.

In conclusion, the teachers may have the proper training to teach their pupils, but parents have the biggest responsibility with regard to disciplining their children.

The closer parents and children are, the easier parents can educate their children.

As a result, parents are ideal people to educate their children.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer Here we go: Parents, undoubtly can teach and bring their children up as a duty.

Parents Are Good Teachers Essay Reduce Waste Essay

Some people think that parents in their parenthood, can teach their children better than teachers.

For example, parents may easily find out a math solution for children, but they find it hard to explain.

Whereas teachers, with their teaching methods, can find it easy to get children to find out the solution themselves.

Others may argue that parents would not fulfill the job of teachers because of educational methods and knowledge.

This essay will look at if parents can even do better than teachers when they teach their children.


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