Opposition To Penalty Essay

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This paper will discuss in details the death penalty, support death penalty, and specifically relate the punishment to the Islam religion. Generally, there is a decreasing tread of death penalty punishments in the recent times.American citizens, political leaders, and religious leaders have been victims of this punishment. According to Amnesty International, most countries did not use the punishment in 2009. They argue that most of us can recall experiences in which we were tempted to do something wrong, such as shoplifting or speeding down the highway, but saw a police officer or thought of being caught and decided not to steal or speed.Research Design This study utilizes secondary data from the General Social Survey (GSS) which can be found on this site: Website/. Census, the GSS is a frequent source of data for a number of social science courses.

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The authorities should realize that death penalties are subject to flaws; that is, there is always a probability that the person being convicted of the crime may be innocent.

The severity and cruelty of crimes punishable through death should encourage people to abandon their personal bias and......imperfect conditions.

Risks of convicting innocent individuals within the system have been seen all too often.

These risks are some of the primary considerations in the opposition of the death penalty – that innocent individuals may be put to death because of this imperfect system.

After state courts threw out 47% of death sentences due to serious flaws, a later federal review found ‘serious error'—error undermining the reliability of the outcome—in 40% of the remaining sentences” (as quoted in Randall 2000).

In response to this study, Illinois governor George Ryan pardoned four death row prisoners and commuted the other 163 cases into life imprisonment.

Another reason for support of the death penalty by some crusaders is incapacitation.

The death penalty is perfect incapacitation as executing an offender prevents him or her from killing ever again (Braswell, Mc Carthy, & Mc Carthy, 2011) Proponents of capital punishment also argue that the Bible describes methods of executing criminals.

Many nations have been disturbed and argued about the best way it can be handled.

This has made generation of questions on how best the capital offenders can be punished in order to have justice for both the offenders and victims of the circumstances.


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