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His speculation, strongly influenced by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, was highly metaphysical; and his intention was to arrive at ultimate truths about the universe as a whole. Bradley wrote with the confidence of a leader in the mainstream of British philosophy between the 1870’s and the 1920’s.According to Bradley, “Truth is the object of thinking, and the aim of truth is to qualify existence ideally.” Furthermore, “Truth is the predication of such content as, when predicated, is harmonious, and removes inconsistency and with it unrest.” However, a truth is never wholly adequate. Therefore, every truth is a partial truth and is capable of being expanded and extended indefinitely toward more truth.

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A thing can be relative only if the terms of the relation are real.

For example, in the sentence, “The table is to the left of the chair,” the relation, “to the left of” can hold only if there are a table and a chair.

He reminds readers that they have all had experiences of something beyond the material world and that they need metaphysics to understand these experiences, at least insofar as they admit of being understood.

Metaphysical speculation on its constructive and critical side protects people from the extremes of crass materialism and dogmatic orthodoxy.

His general method was to show that the world regarded as made up of discrete objects is self-contradictory and, therefore, a world of appearances.

The real is one, a world in which there are no separate objects and in which all differences disappear.

The structure of Bradley’s argument, which often recurs in this section of the book, can be stated as follows: Some opponent maintains that Bradley maintains that there are three fundamental properties of reality: logical, epistemological, and metaphysical.

The logical character of reality is that it does not contradict itself.

Before the question of the Absolute can be settled, truth must be defined. Bradley says that every real thing has at least two properties, existence and characteristics. However, to be able to say something is, one must have ideas, and through judgment, an idea is predicated of a real subject.

Existence, then, is contained in the subject, and the predicate contains an ideal character that it relates to the real subject.


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