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Through photosynthesis, the trees help removing carbon dioxide from the environment hence, if the photosynthetic activity will decline from the atmosphere there will be a massive rise in the levels of carbon dioxide.

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We as humans compromise the nature according to our convenience.

But, we often forget about the role that the environment plays in our lives.

Many marine species and habitats are very sensitive to changes in their environment and require a very strict range of conditions in order to survive. Conversely, if an ecosystem is dependent on any one keystone species, then the protection of that species should serve to p...

3.0 The External Environment 3.1 Task Environment Task environment are elements or groups that has a direct effect on the corporation, which in turn, also are affected by it [HUNG98].

The that we live in consists of air, water, sunlight, trees etc.

Everything that the environment consists of is important to us. and the second one is the man-made world which includes urbanisation, social institutions, social media etc.Estimates of the extent and rate of loss vary, but it appears that nearly half of the world's tropical forests already have been lost, and the remainder will all but disappear in the next two to three decades. These forests provide habitat for an estimated half of the world's plant and animal species, provide water and fuel for much of the world's population, and influence regional and global climate.Commercial logging, clearance for agriculture, ranching, and fuel gathering are all responsible for the destruction.This has caused a wide variety of threats to the environment, forming a globalization problem. The need of protecting the environment especially in today’s time has become a basic living need.Deforestation not only harms the climate, but the soil as well.Too much cutting down of trees adds in making the soil barren and losing its productivity.3.1.1 Stakeholders Government The bank is encouraged to liquidate assets and is sometimes forced to sell their products/properties at a low price to the government. Professional developers are also considered as competition for the Equitable PCI bank because they sell similar products. Even though the effects of globalization contributed to many environmental defects, some may argue that free trade will avoid the efficiency losses associated with protection. First, free traders believe that economic growth will generate more opportunities for environmental protection, whereas environmentalists focus on the increasing environmental burden caused by economic growth. However, if economical growth is all people think about...3.2 Societal Environment Societal environment are forces that do not directly influence short-run activi... Overgrazing and firewood gathering denude vast areas of arid lands, resulting in inexorable spread of deserts and desert like conditions.The United Nations estimates that, at present rate of loss, by the year 2000 about one-third of the world's arable land will be nonproductive.


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