Music Critique Essay

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During this transition, the girl and six fairies dance to an aggressive behavior as they their actions involved more of a dramatic and emotional feeling as they enjoy their freedom to the fullest.

The girl resembles a toy ballerina figure on a music box with her movements during this part of the performance.

Orchestral symphony music filled with uplifting, harmonious sounds accompanied the six girls to represent their harmony with reality and ideals.

One of the girls opens the casket in the middle, and slowly the dancers who wore mufflers put their mufflers into the casket one by one to represent when dreams turn into reality.

After the music ended, the only dancer in gray and pink is left at the middle of stage.

Finally, she closes the casket and lies down in it as if nothing happened.The first part starts with three girls in gray and pink fabric dresses and the background resembles a memorial park at night.There is also a casket in the middle of the stage as stars twinkle in the sky.The girl comes again with six fairies after the music changed into something with a holy sound while an elegant chorus sang along to the song at a slow pace.With everything combined, the scenery looked like heaven.One after another the dancers disappeared into darkness.Shortly after, another three girls who wear gray-blue dresses stepped out onto the stage, each one being wearing a specific muffler to help distinguish themselves from one another.It’s not long before they get up at first; however, they try to sleep again in the morning as most people do.They look as if they’ve truly fallen in love, though a girl looks somewhat troubled.Jazz Band Critique At this Jazz concert the feeling one got as walking into the concert hall was that of a gut feeling that one knew It was going to be a relaxing show with relaxing music.This show was at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus and was taken place in room 6120 at eight at night.


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